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Welcome to Northside Gestalt Therapy!

We offer holistic Gestalt Psychotherapy in Northcote. Our therapists are highly skilled and professionally accredited, but first and foremost, we are authentic humans. Therapy at Northside Gestalt is an exploration of self, leading to greater self-acceptance, ease, and authenticity.


What is Gestalt Psychotherapy?

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Translated from German, Gestalt means wholeness, or ‘to make whole’. Gestalt is a holistic modality in which we explore what it is to be human. Gestalt is all about experience, authentic living, and human relating.

As a requirement of the Gestalt training, all of our therapists have undergone long-term therapy themselves, meaning we truly walk the walk. We have sat where you sit, and while everyone’s experience is different, we too have traveled the path of growth through awareness.

As Gestalt therapists, our deep understanding, awareness, and acceptance of ourselves means we can be fully present with you and can provide a safe, non-judgemental space in which you can share, explore, and grow.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

What you will get:

  • Qualified relational therapists.
  • Unconditional positive regard – we care and understand you in the context of your life.
  • Deep awareness of your patterns leading to profound change.
  • Genuine feedback – we are not afraid to be real with you.
  • Open and progressive people – we will not judge you.
  • Presence – we will truly listen to you.
  • Therapists who have worked on themselves.
  • Experiential therapy – you will experience yourself in new and deep ways.
  • Fun! While we are working on a deep level, there is often great humour in transformation.
  • Creativity – Gestalt therapy is not a science, it’s an art.
  • Direction – with awareness comes clarity.

What our clients say

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“In spite of initial hesitance to seek support from a therapist, you demonstrated quickly and reassuringly that you had my best interests at heart. I found you to be a supportive therapeutic ally, helping navigate challenging territory together. I’m grateful for your sensitive, insightful and caring nature.”

Chris, Richmond

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“Sherridan, thank you for providing a warm and safe space for me to explore and challenge my fears and doubts. You were always interested and fully present as you met me on the intellectual plane, where I was most comfortable and from there, you gently encouraged and supported me to explore emotions that I had kept hidden for more than six decades. You helped my shed my fears of emotional experience and intimacy. My personal life, and my work with my own clients are much richer and deeper for our time together.”

Rony, Melbourne

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“Working with Sherridan has changed my life. With her help, I’ve uncovered the hidden beliefs and dynamics that have affected my life, and I am a happier, healthier, better balanced and more whole person for having been her client. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Sherridan is a highly skilled, intuitive and compassionate therapist.”

Laura, Brunswick

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“Thank you so much for all your guidance and support, Laura. You have helped me so much, to feel more independent and empowered. I will always be so grateful to have met you.”

Angus, Melbourne

Meet Our Therapists

Meet our team of highly skilled and professionally accredited psychotherapists and psychologists. Some of our therapists are able to provide the Medicare rebate. Those who are not subsidised offer a reduced rate. Give us a call or email us to discuss the options.