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About Couples Therapy at Northside Gestalt Therapy

Couples therapy can have a positive impact on relationships by fostering healthier communication, resolving conflicts constructively, and helping couples recognize and change negative patterns in their relationships. Through therapy, couples learn effective ways to express themselves, actively listen, and navigate differences.

Looking beyond the immediate

Therapists also address individual issues that may contribute to relationship challenges, promoting emotional intimacy and trust. Couples can set and achieve goals, enhancing their overall connection and preventing future issues. Ultimately, couples therapy equips partners with the tools and skills needed to build a stronger, more resilient relationship, and a deeper connection.

Your mental health journey

Our therapy outcomes prioritise long-term solutions. We recommend attending at least six sessions to really create lasting change. At our clinic, we believe in meaningful transformation, not quick fixes. If you’re seeking authentic self-improvement, you’ve found your partner in this journey with us.

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Meet Our Couples Therapy Specialists

Sherridan Green, couples therapist

Sherridan Green (she/her)

Sherridan Green is an accomplished couples therapist, rooted in gestalt therapy and clinical counselling. With a blend of age-honed wisdom and a progressive outlook, Sherridan offers a distinctive approach to relationship counselling.
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Known for her attentive, compassionate, and supportive style, Sherridan fosters a safe and welcoming environment for couples to explore and comprehend their relationship dynamics. Her genuine curiosity and authenticity assure couples that their concerns are not only heard but deeply respected. Sherridan is committed to inclusivity, providing support for queer couples and relationships.

Sherridan’s expertise extends to guiding couples on journeys of self-discovery within the context of their relationships. She delves into critical areas such as emotional development, identity, responses to the world, and the capacity for self-responsibility. Through collaborative therapy processes, Sherridan partners with couples to identify and address recurring themes, behavioural concerns, and conditioning affecting their relationship.

Recognising the uniqueness of each couple, Sherridan tailors her therapeutic approach to the specific needs and dynamics of each partnership. Her aim is to meet couples where they are, offering guidance and support as they navigate the intricacies of shared life.

Al Jeffery couples therapist

Al Jeffery (he/him)

Al is an adept couples therapist known for his integrative and inclusive approach. He prioritizes creating a trustworthy and collaborative space, where both partners feel heard and understood.

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His relational and embodied approach ensures that couples connect emotionally and physically, addressing not only cognitive but also emotional aspects of their relationship. With a commitment to inclusivity, Al provides a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ couples and addresses relationship challenges such as communication and emotional disturbances. By integrating Eastern and Western philosophy, Al brings a diverse toolkit to couples therapy, including mindfulness practices that contribute to a more profound understanding of oneself and their partner. In essence, Al’s strengths lie in his compassionate, collaborative, and holistic approach, making him effective in guiding couples through challenges and promoting healthier relationships.

What our clients say

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“In spite of initial hesitance to seek support from a therapist, you demonstrated quickly and reassuringly that you had my best interests at heart. I found you to be a supportive therapeutic ally, helping navigate challenging territory together. Iā€™m grateful for your sensitive, insightful and caring nature.”

Chris, Richmond

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“Sherridan, thank you for providing a warm and safe space for me to explore and challenge my fears and doubts. You were always interested and fully present as you met me on the intellectual plane, where I was most comfortable and from there, you gently encouraged and supported me to explore emotions that I had kept hidden for more than six decades. You helped my shed my fears of emotional experience and intimacy. My personal life, and my work with my own clients are much richer and deeper for our time together.”

Rony, Melbourne

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“Working with Sherridan has changed my life. With her help, I’ve uncovered the hidden beliefs and dynamics that have affected my life, and I am a happier, healthier, better balanced and more whole person for having been her client. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Sherridan is a highly skilled, intuitive and compassionate therapist.”

Laura, Brunswick

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“Thank you so much for all your guidance and support, Laura. You have helped me so much, to feel more independent and empowered. I will always be so grateful to have met you.”

Angus, Melbourne

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